Red Eyed Ruffles - J. Carpenter 1996

Red Eyed Ruffles

Red Eyed Ruffles

Red Eyed Ruffles

Red Eyed Ruffles

Red Eyed Ruffles - Carpenter J, 1996, EM, Re, D, 24", 5.5", Dip

2008 Summary.  This was the year for one of my favorite daylilies. It got rust early in the year and I got rid of it. Made me sick because it has been such a wonderful bloomer every year.

2007 Summary.  Bud count 24. This is one of the old dependable eyed varieties. In fact this would probably be on the top of the list of eyed keepers. Holds up in both the sun and the heat.

2006 Summary.  Bud count was 26 - 30. Had lots of scapes, with multiple flowers opening at once. Color holds well in the sun, and does well in the heat. Foliage is average. It is a very pretty pink, and its overall performance earned it a spot in our personal Top 10 list.

2005 Summary. Bud count 14 - 22. As with many this year, it did not do as well as in previous years. Bud count was down a lot from last year.

2004 Summary. Bud counts 24/45. After getting off to a slow start during the cool weather, started opening multiple blooms as the weather warmed up. Flowers are crowded on the branching, so deadheading can be a problem if two next to each other open.

2003 Summary.  The bud count for the year was 24.

7-20-02. This is a new plant this year, and the flowers are beautiful.



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