Patchwork Puzzle - Salter, E, 1991
Patchwork Puzzle

Patchwork Puzzle - Pair of flowers


Patchwork Puzzle - Group


Patchwork Puzzle


Patchwork Puzzle - Salter, E, 1991, EM, Re, Ev, 18", 2.75", Tet

2007 Summary. Bud count 15. For some reason the heat really bothered it this year so haven't decided whether to give it another year or not.

2006 Summary.  Bud count was 16 - 24. Masses of scapes, with masses of flowers. Perfect little blooms.

2005 Summary. Bud count 13 - 30. Ones of this year's better bloomers. Opened well, had good scapes, and a good bud count in spite of the weather.

2004 Summary. Bud count 40, first year. What a cute little daylily, and what a workhorse when it comes to blooming! Started blooming 5-20-04 and is still blooming now.

8-10-04. Love the color and the eye.6-2-04. New plant.



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