May May - Hayward, 1976

May May - Single Flower

May May - Close Up

Close up

May May - Small group


May May - Group








May May - Hayward, 1976, E, Re, S, 30", 3.5", Dip

2008 Summary. Bud count 10. This flower will not hold up in the heat and needs afternoon protection. Having said that, it has put out more flowers than any other plant in the yard. It deserves a 24" pot, and if there is no drought will put it in one.

2007 Summary. Bud count 10. Still puts on the best show in the yard, so I keep it even though it has problems in the heat.

2005 Summary. Bud count 12 - 19. This one is definitely "old faithful". Even with several short scapes, it managed to bloom very nice.

2004 Summary. Bud count 15. While it only had half the bud count that it had last year, it produced a total of 118 scapes. There were a few days where I deadheaded 75 flowers from this 20" pot alone. It was the best blooming variety in the garden, and will probably hold the record for the most flowers produced in a year for the next twenty years. On the down side it needs a little protection during the hottest weather, but it is well worth finding the perfect spot for it.

2003 Summary. For me, she is a late bloomer, and she blooms masses of flowers all at once. Her bud count this year was 28.

6-30-02. May May is a very heavy bloomer and rebloomer, but very fragile in the sun (both leaves and flowers), so it needs to have some protection from the light and heat.



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