Jason Salter - Salter, 1987
Jason Salter - Single Flower

Jason Salter - Close up

Close Up

Jason Salter - Small Group








Jason Salter - Salter, 1987, EM, Re, E, 18", 2.75", Dip

2008 Summary. Bud count 22. Puts on a good show and holds its color pretty well, but wilts on the edges in high heat.

2007 Summary. Bud count 19. Nice, dependable mini that holds its color in the sun but has trouble in high temps. If you want a potted daylily, this miniature puts out lots of show in a limited area.

2006 Summary.  Bud count was 12 - 25. Masses of perfect little flowers. For those that like miniatures, he is spectacular.

2005 Summary. Bud count 14 - 19. Did better than some this year, but did not do as good as previous years.

2004 Summary. Bud count 23. Branching very nice. Holds its color well and the heat doesn't seem to bother it. Like it better than Devil's Footprint.

5-27-02. First bloom of the first year. Really holds its bright color well, but too soon to tell how much it will bloom.

This was planted in February of 2002. The bud count for 2003 was 22.



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