Cherrystone - Stamile, 1998
Cherrystone - Single flower, fully opened

Cherrystone - morning

Single, AM

Cherrystone - evening


Cherrystone - Pair


Cherrystone - Group






Cherrystone - Stamile, 1998, EM, Re, Ev, 27", 5", Tet

2008 Summary. Bud count 18. Did better than last year, and still does well in the heat and sun.

2007 Summary. Bud count 11. This is a nice plant and because it looks pretty good in the evening no matter the weather it will be staying in the garden.

2006 Summary.  Bud count was 17. This has an absolutely beautiful color, and while it fades in the sun somewhat, the color that it fades to is lovely. It keeps its shape in the heat, and the edges don't melt. Leaves are average. It made our personal Top 10 this year because of its overall performance.

2005 Summary.  Bud count 10 - 20. Really liked the color this year.

2004 Summary. First year. Bud count 22. Nice branching and even though there is fading during the day, the nighttime color is still lovely. Holds well in the heat.

8-26-03. There was only one flower on this new plant last year.



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