Chamonix - Munson, 1979
Chamonix - Single flower

Chamonix - close up

Close up

Chamonix - Group

Group - PM


Group - PM

Chamonix - Munson, 1979, EM, Re, E, 30", 6", Tet

2008 Summary. Bud count 22. One of my favorites, even if it isnít crazy about the heat. Is one of 20 on my Keep List because is would be harder to replace than the newer ones.

2007 Summary. Bud count 18. One of my favorites. Opens well and really is showy when it has multiple blooms. Will not take the 90s as well as some but it still a standout.

2006 Summary.  Bud count was 19 - 26. This year she did overall much better than last year. The flowers are very large with a lovely shape. Her flowers hold their color, but the edges of the flowers will melt when the heat gets into the upper 90s. We have given her a slightly protected spot, and this year she was beautiful and made our personal Top 10 list. She really stands out from across the yard!

2005 Summary.  Bud count 9 - 31. First scapes were much shorter, but overall it still put out a lot of blooms.

2004 Summary. Bud count 22. If you only have a few daylilies in your yard this should be one of them. It has a lovely large flower, and is a dependable re-bloomer. Holds up fairly well in the heat, and opens perfectly day after day. This is a great Munson.

6-15-02. This is the largest flower on any of my daylilies except for the spiders. Like most Munsons, it has nice branching, opens easily, holds up pretty well in the heat, and is gorgeous when it has multiple blooms.



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