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Amaryllis Flowers - Papilio

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5-3-06. Papilio is definitely going to be one of Charlene's favorite amaryllis. The petals are a pale green with dark centers and veins. It is absolutely gorgeous!

Papilio was purchased at an auction, but she had been looking for it on the web for over a year. There was only supposed to be a single bulb, but it arrived with a second, much smaller, bulb and it also had two small babies attached. The babies were separated from the parent bulb, and all four were planted and a generous portion of snail bait was placed to protect them from the over zealous snails. We weren't sure how they would do, but we knew that the first year there would be now flowers.

We weren't expecting a bloom the first year. We had been told that it normally takes until the second year for this variety to produce the flower after being moved. At least we knew that all four of the bulbs had survived. The two larges had several substantial leaves. The two smallest were sparse on the leaves, but the bulb size was beginning to increase.



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